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Title: We are glad to have ismeet_sikka as a member on RD
Post by: Ryan on September 07, 2015, 11:43:41 AM
Hello every one
I  just wanted to welcome  a special new member called ismeet_sikka just arrived to Ryan's District as a new member.
The plane had just landed and we are so exited to know more about ismeet_sikka
Please ismeet_sikka post us more details about you such as

What is your name? :
How old are you ?:
Is this your first visit to RD? :
What stuff you are good at?:
Tell us about your interests ?:
Other info about you ?:
Other stuff you would like to tell us ?:

Last thing i have to say in this topic that ismeet_sikka  is a username which no one will be forget

RD Staff