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Title: We are glad to have laeticia bustamante as a member on RD
Post by: Ryan on September 07, 2015, 11:43:41 AM
Hello every one
I  just wanted to welcome  a special new member called laeticia bustamante just arrived to Ryan's District as a new member.
The plane had just landed and we are so exited to know more about laeticia bustamante
Please laeticia bustamante post us more details about you such as

What is your name? :
How old are you ?:
Is this your first visit to RD? :
What stuff you are good at?:
Tell us about your interests ?:
Other info about you ?:
Other stuff you would like to tell us ?:

Last thing i have to say in this topic that laeticia bustamante  is a username which no one will be forget

RD Staff